Welcome to Grisholm County,
a melting pot of cultures and people where love and romance bloom and intrigue is hiding in unexpected places. Follow your favorite characters through the ups and downs, the fears and joys, the sensuality,  passion, excitement and danger that is life in the Southwestern Florida county where bad things never happen...until now.

Roller Coaster Ride
Kendra and Daniel were star-crossed teenagers. They recapture their lost love but a madman who wants Kendra nearly cost them their love and their lives 

Sylvan Creek,
Peter fights off a mysterious enemy  hoping he can not only capture Chandra's heart but keep her alive. He is waylaid by a false charge of murder, but Daniel and his psychic son help to save the day.

Hearts Afire 
Katie and Monty get married, but who is that old Gypsy? Why is he sneaking around at Katie's wedding? Do Katie's family and her past threaten her happiness? DJ's psychic dreams become more intense and very important to solving the mysteries.

Swamp Fever - Coming Soon
Three different journeys become one as murders in Mayfair Rehabilitation and Care Center rock the county and a strange new killer virus threatens the small swamp town of Cypress, and Portia O'Shay saves her grandmother but loses herself. Which one of your favorite characters will die? Will Portia O'Shay, finally discover her true essence and find love?

Passion blazes across the pages of these novels even as violence and murder rock the very foundations of  Grisholm County.  Twists and turns keep the reader in suspense until the final page. Locales and characters intertwine, but each book has its' own unique setting and characters.

COMMENTS from readers:

"Just read Roller Coaster [Ride]. Awesome story! Started it at work today and couldn't put it down once I got it home...great story, can't wait for the next book!"
Sonya Peatrowsky
July 27, 2012

Arlene L:
"I have finished reading Roller Coaster Ride, and it was WONDERFUL!!! You really are a very talented writer! ... I truly enjoyed reading such nice stories with happy endings like that. There was just enough drama and suspense to keep you on the edge of your chair for a few moments, but not enough to change the true essence of the story."

Read Chapter One of
Roller Coaster Ride

Read Chapter One of
Sylvan Creek
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Grisholm County Chronicles
​The first three books of the series have been revised to smooth out a few editing flaws and make them better reads. I think you'll like the new covers, too. If you haven't read them yet, now's a good time to start! Book IV, Swamp Fever, is currently in the writing stage and should be out by mid-2014.
My first novel, Adrianna, is available at Amazon.com

Adrianna finds love, romance and danger after becoming the sole heir of her father's estate.
She has become paraplegic in the car accident that killed her father, and while she  struggles to overcome her disability, others try to save her from an insidious plot to murder her and become rich in the process.
Will Coy be able to stop the killers?
Will Adrianna walk again? 
Several romances bring characters together as someone tries to tear Adrianna and Coy apart!

Adrianna - 2nd Edition with revisions now available in EBOOK only.
Original still available in paperback and hardcover.
Adrianna II - Deadly Deja Vu - 2014