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I was born in a small town in Central Florida in 1950, the youngest of four children. I have four grown children, ten grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.  I am divorced and live in West Central Florida with my  fiesty black chihuahua, Jett and my cute little Yorkie, Toto, who thinks she Alpha dawg. 

After a rare medical incident brought about the paraplegia that changed my life as well as my perspectives, I returned to college and earned a BA with Honors in English Education, becoming a teacher in 1993. Since retiring from teaching,  I have turned my efforts toward a variety of activities, including creative writing, online tutoring, web design and karaoke live and online.

Of all the things I do, my favorite is writing. My first novel, Adrianna,  was released in late October 2007. Published by Xlibris, the novel is available at, and other online book stores. I later published it as an ebook and have recently released a revised version. 

Finding out how easily I could publish my own works brought me to the decision to write more books, and I now have three books of the Grisholm County Chronicles series in their second editions as ebooks and still available as paperbacks in their first editions. I'll get around to doing the second edition paperbacks some time in the next few months, but I'm in no rush as it seems most people are into the ebook phenomenon.

I often wax poetic when changes are happening in my life.  "In My Garden" was written during the time my life was in turmoil prior to my divorce in 2001. If I were explaining the poem to students, I'd say it reflects the author's desire for a more peaceful place and time.  If you're into poetry, click the poetry link at the bottom or top of the page to read more.

For several years, when I wasn't writing I, as Sunny, was singing karaoke online. Although I rarely sing at my computer nowadays, I do enjoy occasional trips to local karaoke spots. Early in my karaoke "career" I recorded over twenty songs and added them to my website.  I'd like to think I've gotten much better at singing since then.  One of these days I'll have to do some new recording

"Miss Priss"
Sunny Sngs! A few recordings of Sunny...if your ears can stand it!
Sunny Sings!
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Hometown Images
The inspiration for my
Grisholm County Chronicles
series came from my hometown, 
Sebring, Florida 
The Circle
Like Sebring, the county seat of Grisholm County, Sylvan Creek, is graced with a circular park in it's center. Unlike Sebring, though, Sylvan Creek's circle is bisected by the swiftly flowing Sylvan Creek. 
Harder Hall
This historic hotel built in the 1920's, where my mother worked for several years during my early childhood, is the inspiration for the Seven Oaks Inn & Gardens in Sylvan Creek.
City Pier, Lake Jackson
My childhood home was located between this beautiful lake and the smaller  Lake Sebring.
I spent many happy hours swimming at the pier and other locations around the two lakes.
The Sebring Grand Prix
Sebring's claim to fame is its race track, home of the Sebring Grand Prix, 12 hour race held every year in March. No doubt, my memories of attending the exciting event will show up in one of the Grisholm County Chronicles novels.

Photos of Sebring were found on a site that's about the town.  I didn't see any copyright mark for them but would love to give credit to the photographer. Perhaps he/she will see this and e-mail me so I can do that.
All written content herein is the exclusive property of 
Eileen M. Register unless otherwise stated.
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In My Garden

In my cheery little garden,
  the sun shines on your face,
It's a peaceful little garden,
a lovely natural place.
Through my little garden, 
   flows a stream that's crystal clear.
Relax beside the water;
find peaceful respite here.

Listen to the music
of the shimmering waterfall,
And the myriad lovely voices
of the wild birds as they call.

Wild flowers in profusion,
nodding, dancing in the breeze,
and playful squirrels cavorting
'midst the branches of the trees.

It's been a long, cruel winter,
but joy and peace surround me here.
With the spring's sweet misty morning,
comes newfound hope and cheer.
©1999 Eileen Register  All Rights Reserved

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