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Sylvan Creek
Book Two of Grisholm County Chronicles
The New Series by Eileen Register
How does a savvy lawyer from Boston allow himself to be duped by an online karaoke queen? When Peter moves to Florida to meet his internet sweetheart, Carla, he discovers she is nothing like she painted herself to be. He decides to stay in Sylvan Creek anyway when he meets another lady who grabs his heart at first sight.
Chandra is beautiful, independent, intellectually gifted, a wheelchair,. She's been hurt before by a man who swore he could handle the challenges that Chandra's disability brought, but he found out the hard way that he wasn't nearly as strong as he thought.  Now Chandra is a bit "gunshy" and finds falling in love a scary ordeal...but fall she does, and hard!
Will Carla allow Peter and Chandra their happiness? Or is she the one who wants Peter's new love out of the picture? Jealousy may be the cause, but whose jealousy?
When Peter is about to be charged with a murder he didn't commit, Daniel Crawford is called in to help Peter find the real killer.  Is Peter capable of murder for the woman he loves? Daniel's gut says "NO" and he's going to prove it. Peter looks guilty as sin, but even Sheriff Milner thinks they have the wrong guy.
Will Daniel and Peter be able to find the sicko who raped and slashed his victim to death?  Or will the politicians use Peter as the scapegoat to clear the case before election time comes around?

Sylvan Creek
Grisholm County
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"Just read Roller Coaster [Ride]. Awesome story! Started it at work today and couldn't put it down once I got it home...great story, can't wait for the next book!"
Sonya Peatrowsky
July 27, 2012
Comments from Adrianna readers:

Bridgette Weyhrauch (Fri. 9/21/12)
"Read it in one day. It's a fun, capturing read. Full of mystery and romance. Looking forward to more from this fabulous, creative author."

Cherie Ferris Sokoloski (9/10/12)
"Just finished reading your book Adrianna! What a good book.
Had a hard time putting it down!"

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Sylvan Creek
Hearts Afire - Chapter 1