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Grisholm County Chronicles
Welcome to Grisholm County...
It's a beautiful place. The warm weather, gentle winters, and tropical breezes make it a special place to visit, but you really don't know Grisholm County unless you live there. 
Within its boundaries you will find a little bit of everything Florida is known for - swamps and citrus groves, rivers, creeks and lakes, reclaimed phosphate pits and a state park, huge spreading oaks and tall palms, and of course, alligators and mosquitos. The only thing it's missing is a coastline with white sand beaches, but no one seems to mind.
It's a culturally diverse place, with an Indian reservation in one corner and a winter camp occupied by Gypsies in another.. The "Swampies" have their own peculiar lifestyles among the tall cypress trees, and everyone seems to get along pretty well - at least from the outside looking in.
There are little towns and big towns, all peopled by varied and fascinating characters who are just trying to enjoy their lives in beautiful Grisholm County.

Each story is unique, yet they have a few things in common.  Some of your favorite characters will appear again and again as the series unfolds.  The menu on the left of the page gives you an idea of the diversity of the stories.  Click on one of the books and see what's in store for you as I develop and publish each novel.  Once you've delved into Grisholm County via the first book, Roller Coaster Ride, I think you'll be clamoring for me to get each book done, and I'll be typing my fingers off to do just that!

Click Here to read Chapter 1 of Roller Coaster Ride

Click Here to read Chapter 1 of Sylvan Creek
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Grisholm County.
Book 1: Roller Coaster Ride &
Book 8: Return to Mayfair
Book 2: Sylvan Creek
Book 3: Hearts Afire
Book 4: Swamp Fever
Book 5: Eagle's Nest
Book 6: Dragonfly Summer
Book 7: The Kitterman Legacy
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"I have finished reading Roller Coaster Ride, and it was WONDERFUL!!! You really are a very talented writer! ... I truly enjoyed reading such nice stories with happy endings like that. There was just enough drama and suspense to keep you on the edge of your chair for a few moments, but not enough to change the true essence of the story."
Arlene L

"Just read Roller Coaster [Ride]. Awesome story! Started it at work today and couldn't put it down once I got it home...great story, can't wait for the next book!"
Sonya Peatrowsky
July 27, 2012
Bridgette Weyhrauch
(Fri. 9/21/12)
"Read it in one day. It's a fun, capturing read. Full of mystery and romance. Looking forward to more from this fabulous, creative author."

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Grisholm County Chronicles
Eileen's first novel - ADRIANNA

Second Edition coming in 2013