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(I Just Can't Stop Loving You).
About Adrianna
Adrianna, a beautiful young heiress, faces many challenges after her billionaire father is
killed in a horrendous
automobile accident that
leaves her paraplegic.
By far her biggest challenge is surviving the machinations of someone who wants her dead before she turns twenty-five.
to read about the characters and gain a bit of insight into the diabolical scheme
to destroy Adrianna.

to read Chapter One
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Adrianna is dedicated to my mother, Ginny Register, whose fondest dream has been to see my novels published.  When her “baby girl” became paraplegic, she was heartbroken.  She has come to terms with my situation and brags to everyone about her daughter, the English teacher and writer.  She’s my biggest fan! In writing Adrianna, I gave reason to the twist of fate that changed my life forever, and perhaps seeing this has made things easier for Mom.

I love you, Mom.
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Sunny Sings!
Official Website of
Eileen Register - Author
I Love to Sing!

I always enjoyed singing, but once I left elementary school, I never pursued it other than when taking a shower or driving a car.  When I suddenly found myself retired, divorced, and living on my own, all within a year, I was bored.  Then one night as I was surfing the web, I got an email from my long lost cousin, Vi, and that's when I discovered live karaoke online.
I had only done live karaoke a few times and really didn't think I was cut out to sing.  When Vi introduced me to her friend, John, on a chat program called Paltalk, that changed.  John set me up with a karaoke program for my computer and a whole slew of karaoke midi files.  Voila! A star was born! (NOT!)
My first efforts at singing sounded pretty weak... aweful, actually, but John and Vi kept encouraging me, and after a few months I wasn't sounding too terrible.  My main problem was that my music was not coming through to the chat room with my voice, so I was, in essence, singing a capella.  Once I solved the problem by getting a better sound card, I started sounding better and enjoying singing more and more.  Shortly after the new sound card gave me more confidence in my singing, I recorded most of the songs that are on this page.  Some of them, in retrospect, probably shouldn't have ever made it to the page, but now that they're on it, I hate to delegate them to the cyber-trash.
I spent most of my time for a couple of years singing online at Paltalk, and in the process I made a few very dear friends.  One of them, a lady named Linda from Texas, actually backed my efforts to get Adrianna published, among other ventures that, to date, have made zero money.  One day I will surprise her by showing up at her front door with a huge bouquet of roses and a check repaying her for all the help she has give me..
Several years ago, when my mother became unable to stay alone while my sister worked nights as charge nurse at a local hospital, I started spending a lot of my time keeping her company.  When she was at my apartment, she would cheer me on as I sang on the computer, but I began to notice that she was staying up 'way too late.  I'd think she was sound asleep until I heard her from the other bedroom, making requests for this song or that song.  Gradually, my online time grew less and less until I was no longer singing or chatting very often.  I don't regret it though, because I had a lot of quality time with Mom before she passed away in September of 2007. God, I miss her!
On the left is part of the dedication you'll find in the front of my novel, Adrianna.  I wish Mom were here to read it, but I'm sure she knows.
I'd like to dedicate this page to the wonderful nurses and other staff at Hospice House in Dade City, Florida.  Their care, patience, and dedication made Mom's passing less difficult for her and for her family.

I made the recordings below during the early days of my online karaoke adventures. I'd like to think I sound a bit better nowadays.
Sylvan Creek, the second book in my Grisholm County Chronicles series, begins with an online romance between two karaoke singers that goes wrong when Peter discovers he's moved all the way from Boston to Florida to meet his sweetheart only to discover she's a complete fraud. When she is murdered, the police believe Peter is the killer.
During my online karaoke days I met a few people who were like Peter's sweetheart, Carla. They used the chat program as a playground and thought lying about themselves in order to develop relationships was a fun time. I saw a lot of heartache from that kind of thing and learned very early on not to trust what I was told. Peter learns it the hard way at the beginning of Sylvan Creek.
As I've told my students many times, "write what you know."