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Short Stories

This collection of short stories was written in 1991 in a creative writing class, when I was attending
The University of South Florida. Some of the stories are based on memories, and some are sheer fiction, but they all have a little piece of the author's soul..

As an English teacher, I always enjoyed those times when I worked with my students on creative writing assignments.  I was always amazed by their fertile imaginations and the interesting stories they created.

In my opinion, creative writing should be a much bigger part of the English curriculum.  It not only gives students a chance to use the language arts skills they are learning; it also teaches them critical thinking skills and encourages their creativity and imagination.  Learning how to edit and revise their own original work is much less boring for them, and because they have ownership of their words, they try harder to make their writing perfect. 

Grammar exercises are a vital part of the learning process, but they can become tedious. Encouraging students to take pride in their own words improves their self-esteem and helps them to be independent thinkers.  Self-confidence is a major cornerstone in building strong, thoughtful, independent adults, which should be one of the most important goals of our education system.

This page is dedicated to
Dr..Robert Wylie,
the best professor I ever had.
His deep love of the written word was obvious in all he taught, and he truly cared about his students.  I'm not sure I thanked him enough for taking his own personal time to come and teach my middle school students about Shakespeare, but I hope he realizes how much that meant to me.
Short Stories
"A Conversation"
Angel and Goldie are people-watching in a local bar, discussing the various men and women and how they are acting. Goldie has quite a knack for figuring out who will end up going home with whom, and Angel, new to the game, is learning fast, but there's something fishy going on here.
"Amazing Grace"
A lighthearted, often bittersweet look at my maternal grandmother, this short story combines many memories of my visits to Granny's house as a child.  Although I've embellished a bit and taken a bit of literary license in the telling, most of the basic facts are true.
I dedicate these cherished memories to Granny.
"Fanning Springs"
A 'created memory' of what it might be like if I returned to visit the springs where I had taken my kids when they were small.  Life is so different now, but the memories evoked while writing this piece are warm and strong. I dedicate this story to my four children and my nine beautiful grandkids.
How would you react if your legs suddenly quit working?  This short story tells the tale of just that kind of event. You'll be laughing one minute, and crying the next as you read this slightly fictionalized telling of one of the most life-altering events in my life.
"What's Up Doc?"
Here's a tongue-in-cheek look at the various kinds of doctors I have encountered during the years since the big "Kaboom" (see story above), and I sincerely hope some of these doctors don't read literary pages on the net!  This story is dedicated to all the "Dr. Z's" in my life.
"The Hurricane"
A dramatic portrayal of the day Hurricane Donna came to visit my family, a scary and unforgettable experience.  Any windy day brings back memories of the fear and excitement I felt while Hurricane Donna began her assault on Sebring, the small, sleepy Florida town where I grew up.
"The Main Event"
This story about amateur boxing is fictional, but it is based on the experiences I had as a judge. The story is dedicated to Pit LeBrun, a national champion whose death at  twenty in an auto accident  was a terrible loss to all who knew him.
Katie's mother, who has never left her with a babysitter, finally lets her best friend talk her into leaving Katie with her. In this fictional story, the reader spends the day
with the volunteer babysitter's thoughts as she cares for little Katie.  Get your kleenex out...this one may get to you.